Good Times at the Glampisphere

We had our first Bridal Shower on the Glampisphere this past weekend (Congratulations Brie!). The past several months have seen numerous San Diego business events host their workshops and meetings on our outdoor patio, but for some reason a bridal shower never came into our orbit. But, Wow! What a great event attended by gracious and fun people.

What we love about events like this and birthdays is the creativity and colors of the decorations.  The Glampisphere is already a colorful outpost, but adding so many personal touches, fresh flowers, and innovative details elevates the looks and the spirits of all.

We’re here to help you celebrate!  Be it surpassing your team’s quarterly goals or meeting the man/woman of your dreams, the art of joyously marking the occasion can be done exceptionally well at the Glampisphere at The Air Conditioned Lounge, San Diego’s coolest new meeting & event space..  

When the Glampisphere first debuted behind the AC Lounge, it was intended to be the perfect meeting space, a place for engagement and comfortable productivity for any meeting, workshop, or corporate event outside of your basic hotel conference room. Little did we realize, that it would be so much more! While The Glampisphere hosts many local business meetings and mixers, it was a blast to host the first bridal shower this past weekend (again, congrats, Brie!), and let us tell you, this event was MAGICAL. Fresh flowers, trendy decorations, and unique personalizations seamlessly transformed our Glampisphere into an elegant wonderland fit to celebrate a future bride. Our event space became an adventure experience where friends and family blissfully sipped on cocktails mixed by the party’s two personal bartenders while snacking on delicious food catered by our neighbors, El Zarape, and taking turns behind the sparkling, professional photo booth.

The space was created around the concept of “Glamping”, the fusion of nature with modern luxury, and this event was a wonderful embodiment of that, a diverse place to truly enjoy the outdoors with the perfect amount of fresh glamour to please your variety of guests. We hope it is just the beginning for a number of unique celebrations like this, whether it’s surpassing your team’s quarterly goals, meeting the man/woman of your dreams, a surprise birthday party or anything in between, we want to help you have the party of your dreams (just like Brie did!).

Okay, we know you want to see the space for yourself now, and you’re in luck! The Glampisphere is open every day during AC Lounge’s Happy Hour from 4-9 pm (Monday thru Friday). You can grab a draft beer ($2.50 off!) or a specialty cocktail ($1.00 off!) from the friendly bartender and head out back to enjoy the San Diego sunshine on our modern, colorful patio. You’ll love the natural feel of our lush greenery, water features, and fire pit combined with the contemporary perks of our 2 large outdoor televisions, many electrical outlets, speedy wifi, and abundant comfy seating to learn more about our amenities, click here.

You can use the happy hour time to browse the Glampisphere space, and you can even envision what your next event will look like with the Glamp as the ultimate backdrop for you and up to 76 other guests (plus up to 116 more guests inside the AC too, contact us for more info)! With catering options, experienced bartenders, and custom event planning, all you have to do is imagine your occasion, tell us about it, and let us make it happen!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, when 9 pm rolls around and you’ve finished your glamping for the day, just head back inside the bar and lounge in one of our fabulous VIP areas or dance to your heart’s content listening to one of our live DJs to end the night off right. The AC Lounge may be a neighborhood classic for drinks and dancing, but it’s so much more with the Glampisphere, San Diego’s coolest new meeting and event space, just outside of our doors ready for your next epic bash.

Ready to plan your own unique celebration or event? Give us a call at (619)-535-6007 or email us at for more information, we look forward to celebrating with you!