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Freon Room

This VIP Space is super cool, with a light-up LED dance floor, lots of plush seating, and your own exclusive bar area, the Freon Room is for THE ultimate VIP experience. This private space accommodates yourself and up to 20 of your friends. You can enjoy the fun atmosphere of the club, dance to your heart’s content, and easily escape to your own bash to refresh and refill your drinks whenever you want! Ready to celebrate? Just two bottles OR one keg gets you the space for the whole night. Bottle service comes with your favorite juices, soda mixers, and ass-kissing included! A $100 deposit is all that is required to hold your reservation (it is directly applied to your bill at the end of your epic night!), so let us make your party dreams come true with our legendary customer service for a truly elevated VIP occasion. If you book the Freon Room you will see why many locals consider AC Lounge the number one lounge and best nightclub in San Diego.

We love to celebrate your Birthday, which is one reason we are known for the best customer service for Birthdays. Let us know your vision for your Birthday party and we will make it happen! Happy Birthday in advance, we are looking forward to serving you and your guests for this awesome celebration!

Sunken Living Room

What if we told you that you could have the comfort of a private comfy space for your party smack dab in the middle of our dance floor?

The Sunken Living Room is exactly that! Lavish comfortable lounge style seating, relaxed ambience, and an intimate VIP experience for you and up to 15 guests makes this a one of a kind spot to easily jump on the dance floor for your favorite jams and then retreat to your exclusive area to pop some bottles and enjoy each other’s company! You better hurry though, the Sunken Living Room is our most popular spot, so book it while you still can! One bottle gets you the space until closing time, any juices or soda mixers that you desire, and top notch service from our awesome bar staff. A $100 deposit secures this VIP area for your special night (it will be applied to your bill at the end of your celebration!), so come make everyone else at the club jealous as you indulge in the ultimate VIP treatment surrounded by all the action of North Park’s favorite dance club!

Celebrating something special? We would love to speak with you about your dream Birthday party or special occasion. If you are not sure which VIP space is best for your guests, shoot us a call at 619-501-9831 and we will help!


If you’re wanting a true VIP experience without spending the big bucks, give one of our lush booths a try! Nothing is more intimate than being at a private booth with all your friends. We have two available right next to the dance floor just steps away from the heat of our live DJs. Up to 6 people can enjoy the comfort of your personal space and then effortlessly jump on the dance floor when it’s time to bust a move. If you like to hit the dance floor and really shake your booty, the booths make it nice so you can leave your personal effects at the VIP booth. With smooth access to the bar and first-rate service, you’ll easily hit the $75 bar minimum required to reserve this spot! No deposit is necessary to claim the booths for a night, so just give us a call and tell us a date. Since this is a very popular lounging area for our guests tearing it up on the dance floor, all that we ask is that you arrive before 10:30 pm (or it will be made available to other VIPs on our list) and get to celebrating!

Let’s party like the best nightlife in San Diego should!

Blue Bar

If you’re looking for a front row seat to our rockin’ dance floor, the Blue Bar is perfect! It accommodates 10-12 of your friends right in the action of the club. Dance to your heart’s content and enjoy your exclusive home base directly adjacent to the dance floor for drinks and fun! Per person, this is the most affordable deal we can offer! We will even let you tease your friends that you “bought out the blue bar” for your Birthday party or the occasion of your choosing. This approachable VIP area gives a clear view of our live DJ performances, easy access to the main bar, and six of your own comfy bar stools when you are ready to chill and enjoy the energetic atmosphere of the night club. A $75 bar minimum gets you the Blue Bar is your party’s home base for the entire night, you cannot bring the Blue Bar home with you… No deposit is required for this intimate VIP experience, but please make sure you arrive before 10:30 pm (or else it will be made available to other VIP guests), so that we can get the party started!

Get the crew together and dance the night away!

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“Gary, I just wanted to say what a fun time me and my guests had for my birthday. Thank you for your help with accommodating us!! Everyone in the party said it was a blast! Take care.” – Leslie

“I had an awesome time here, thank you so much for hosting my birthday this past Saturday and for giving me the VIP area I requested. Definitely coming back! great service and the cutest bar ever!” – Magda